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Short Films Anthology 1985-2009

This DVD is a high pro quality dual layer re-mastered transfer of the short films, the sound has been re-mastered and remixed, the DVD contains a glossy 26 page booklet (in English and French) full of illustrations and texts about the films. Some bonus features include alternate audio on some films and visual extracts from personal archives. 129 minutes of optical printing films. Collectors item.


Price is $25 including shipping , anywhere in the world, you can pay using PayPal and you will receive an actual DVD object.

If you prefer you can select individual films to stream available in the home section of this website.

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Anth dvd
4th life

The 4th Life 2007

Finally available officially from this site in full HD. Else than seeing the film at the theatre or at a film festival, this is the first time it is released in very high quality (from a 2K IP). Shady bootleg screeners have been circulating due to the high demand and interest in people seeing it from such a time gap..

See extracts.

Teaser The 4th Life (Stairway)

Teaser The 4th Life (Stairway)

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