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Selected Filmography (not all films are listed, by no means complete) 1 2
                                                "OTHERS" 5 min. 2009 shot in HD 4K (Shelved)

Dance film from the choreography "Others" by Genevieve Bolla ; EVOLUCIDANSE madefor Bravo! Television. Music by David Kristian

"Crepitus" 5 minutes 2008 16mm 

The title refers to two eponymous words. The first describes the pathological symptom of abnormal contact between two internal surfaces, such as broken bones. ED

Ann Arbor Film Festival
New Cinema Festival Montreal.
Many Others

Featured on DVD release of short experimental films

"Hydro***phone 8mg" 3 minutes 2009 16mm 

A nostalgic film on sadness, the loss of a loved one and morphine. FM

Music by Helios

Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival Germany
Ourense Film Festival,Spain
Montreal New Cinema Festival
Many Others

Featured on DVD release of short experimental films

"Hymn To Pan" 5 minutes 2007 16mm / super8mm

A dancer’s Genevieve Bolla routine is fragmented by the filmmaker and his Bolex camera.

A tense duel takes place between the catcher of motions and his muse, their movements tracing fleeting moments which create an elegant symbiosis of two lovers united by the cinematograph. Loosely inspired by the poem by the writer and occultist Aleister Crowley. ED


Music by Coil


Received the CALQ Award at the Rendez-Vous du Cinema Quebecois, Montréal 2008

Opened the 45th Ann Arbor Film Festival

Toronto International Film Festival
New Cinema Festival, Montreal
Was in Switzerland, France, Poland, The Netherlands, Italy, France ,China,Many Others.

Featured on DVD release of short experimental films

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