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"The 4th Life"  88 minutes 2006 35mm 88 minutes

Warning due to the high demand as this being somewhat of a rare cult film many, many fake streaming sites (especially in Europe) pretend to offer this movie example, most are click baits, but some have a really crappy image quality streams. ONLY get the stream from this site, do not torrent this film, the torrent will get taken down immediately, this is an independent film with low financing, so be cool about it. Thank-You

" audio-visual montage of sex, violence, delirium" "...a mentally intriguing picture" "... From the ashes of sexploitation and violence rises a tale of female empowerment..."


KAMAL AL-SOLAYLEE Toronto's Globe & Mail

"...gorgeous, colour-saturated images.." "There’s no question Miron’s got a great eye..." "pure visual poetry" "The 4th Life has many beauties"

DEIRDRE SWAIN Now Magazine Toronto

"...a compelling, hallucinogenic thriller"

MALCOLM FRASER Montreal Mirror


Festivals and screenings

Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival, Italy
Cinénygma Film Festival, Luxembourg
Boston Underground Film Fest
Salento Fear Fest, Italy
Shockerfest Film Festival, California

Fantasia film fest Montreal
Many Others

see official website for more info


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