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Selected Filmography (not all films are listed, by no means complete) 1 2 3   4
"Resolving Power"  18 minutes 2001 35mm. 

In an abandoned power plant, a paranoiac electrician dreams
he discovers a piece of shapeless flesh in a jar. Armed with plans, he wanders about a world of post-apocalyptic ruins through various scenes charged with symbols. ED

Music by Jasun Martz "The Pillory"

Additional music by Pete Namlook

Awarded Best Cinematography at MicroCineFest, Baltimore


Kinofilm Manchester International Short Film Festival, England
41st Ann Arbor Film Festival, Michigan
eKsperim[E]nto Film & Video Festival 2004 Manilla ,Philippines
Chicago Underground Film Festival

Fantasia Film Festival
Was in Mexico, Poland, Spain and many others

Featured on DVD release of short experimental films

"The Quest" 9 minutes 1999 16mm.

Against natural and wilderness landscapes, a young woman recites a pamphlet against consumer society. The creativity of artists, she explains, is an antidote against alienation. François Miron enters the image and, like a mad scientist, transforms a banal Kraft dinner recipe into a wild anthology. ED


Ann Arbor Film Festival, Michigan 
New York Underground Film Festival
Regensburg Short Film Week Germany
Was in, Mexico, Poland, Serbia, England

Many Others


Featured on DVD release of short experimental films











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