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"portraits of robert haller"

Robert A. Haller was born in Pittsburg, July 6th 1942. Circa 1967, he makes his entrance in the world of art films and experimental cinema in New York where he played a very important role. Photographer above all else, Haller works for several institutions that later became center points of the legendary cinematic avant-garde in North America, such as Pittsburg Film-Maker Inc., where he became executive director in 1973. He crossed paths , met, and exchanged often intimate moments with filmmakers like Robert Breer, Richard Leacock, Stan Brakhage, Sharon Rupert, Hollis Frampton, George Kuchar, Ken Jacobs, Ed Emshwiller, Kenneth Anger, John Whitney, Joyce Wieland, Peter Kubelka, Scott Bartlett, Bruce Conner, Gunvor Nelson, Jonas Mekas, James Broughton, and many others.


While at Pittsburg Film-Maker Inc. , he publishes a book of his memoirs, entitled Crossroads , a kind of prodigious anthology of his encounters with  artists who are now today on the list of the most important participant in the experimental film scene, and this, regardless of time and dates. His photographic work is published in Film Culture, Millennium Film Journal, The New York Times, The New York Post, The Pittsburg Post Gazette, Field of Vision, Media Arts, The Brooklyn Rail, The Village Voice, Artforum, and many others. It must be noted that the photographs, beyond their artistic value, have now a priceless archival value.


In 1980, Haller becomes the executive director of Anthology Film Archives in New York, a now, legendary and celebrated institution for the preservation of experimental cinema and a popular alternative screening venue, showing often rarely seen work.

His pictures, stories and anecdotes are a fascinating, this is a film about him and his work.

Robert Haller Clip

Robert Haller Clip

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Extract, Robert Haller at Anthology Film Archives a documentary by Francois Miron

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